turn 30% of your leads into immediate inbound calls.

Patented technology that delivers amazing results from a team of industry veterans. U.S. Patent No. 10075592

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How Connect Streams Works

Effortless Immediate Connections With Customers

Turn 30% of your leads into inbound calls using a simple results page lightbox. It's well known that inbound calls convert at a much higher rate than outbound follow-up. In fact, studies show that inbound calls convert at up to 5 times the rate of outbounds. Some of the biggest brands in Insurance, Health Care and Home Services are using our patented Connect Streams technology to produce thousands of inbound calls each day.

Imagine if your contact rated started at 30% before outbound dialing even begins. With Connect Streams, that is what you can expect. Our patented technology allows you to get in touch with your most anxious customers first, while increasing overall contact rate and improving call center efficiency.

How Connect Streams Works
Connect with 30% of your leads immediately.
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A visitor fills out your lead form.
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Connect Streams appears on your thank you page.
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User clicks the patented button, and their phone rings instantly.
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Your sales center is speaking to the user within seconds!
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You make the sale.

Connect Streams Performance

Why Our Clients Love Connect Streams & How It Changes Businesses

44% Increase in Revenue per Visitor

A Medicare publisher sees massive gains after implementing Connect Streams.

For publishers, it’s all about revenue per visitor. So a major Medicare publisher was thrilled to test Connect Streams during the 2020 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. They showed the Patented Connect Streams lightbox to over 58,000 leads, generating nearly 10,000 calls, and the results speak for themselves.

During the 2020 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, using ConnectMe provided a 44% increase in revenue per visitor.
More likely to lead to a closed sale
> 2000
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More likely
to One Call Close
Avg. Call

2.5x More Likely to Lead to a Sale

A Major Property and Casualty insurance broker closes more sales with Connect Streams.

When a major property and casualty insurance broker wanted to close more sales, they launched Connect Streams on their results page. The results were measured after Connect Streams was used by over 2000 visitors, for an average of 13:48 per call. Those calls were 305% more likely to one call close and 2.5x more likely overall to turn into a sale.

Increase Conversions up to 150%

Major insurance publisher supercharges insurance listings with Connect Streams.

When this major insurance publisher launched the new Thank you page experience with Connect Streams, agents were thrilled! Connect Streams allowed prospects to immediately and effortlessly connect to the agent. The results were clear: agents saw improved efficiency, significant boosts in contact rates and more closed deals!

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Connect Streams connects your business with more customers which increases your sales and revenue per visitor. Period.

More Reasons To Love Connect Streams

We’re here to help you get connected to more of your leads, instantly.

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Easy Setup
We’re here to help you get connected to more of your leads, instantly.
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Dedicated Support
Top-notch support agents to help you get started and ongoing support to help you optimize.
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Load Speed
Constant load and speed testing of our asynchronous code. means ConnectStreams loads on your thank you page in milliseconds, so there is no effect on your website.
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Our network engineers have built an infrastructure with high-end security and end-to-end encryption on client data.